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I'm behind
michael in the rain
 I'm soooo behind on the daily posting thing- to  ok I exaggerate but its so much more FUN and dramatic. My days are boring enough as it is so its always good to sprinkle some hyperbole around. I sleep, eat and then come on this PC and waste some time. Now that i think of it I am living the life I wish I had when I was younger. Turrns out its not the worst thing in the world(that my friend is 1. politicians other than Barack Obama speaking and 2. my singing). I, who have always prided myself on being lazy(its a valuable trait...rarely) have found myself wanting some action (err take that as you will in both cases you are proba bly not wrong) . So here I am tap tapping away on my laptop craving some drama...and i mean fun drama  (no clue what i mean by fun drama come to think of it).  But I must say boredom trumps ennui any day! So me and my rubber duck sit and wait for something good to come on tv or it to start raining livestock (I choose not to discriminate against other animals). I'm sure I'll regretthis in like 2.5 seconds or rather a couple days but for now I'm so friggin bored.

Life is a boring blah highway with nothing but tumbleweeds and that's that

The dogs are howling at the sun I think?


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