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You rocked the world.
michael in the rain
Today is the day we honor the man who truly deserves the title "The Greatest". It is tragic and sad that a younger generation will never get to see a live performance of his even if it is on their TV screens. In my primary school one of our clapping games featured "Rockin Robin" quite heavily. Little did I know that the MJ of the Black or White video had been a part in creating the song. The Free Willy video played repeatedly on Saturdays on the local TV station and I would literally wail the words out in a poor imitation of Michael but a rather good one of the whale( i still remember 'singing" Hold Me out loud).I tried to emulate the singing patterns and the movements and pretended over and over to be that man. To this day I have yet to see the movie and I'm not even sure I ever will, The song though holds a greater importance to me. It is my childhood, it is my innocence. IT is even my idealism. The Black or White video left me awed. In part I wanted to replicate the style and look of the video itself. The effects at the end totally blew me away.  Much of my childhood I had been teased for thinking too much of myself(mind you incorrectly so since the hair on my head had been neglected so much and so often) because of my "nicer"(i.e curlier) hair and here was this guy showing how little our differences should matter. Many credit Michael with inspiring them to dance, sing or perform but Michael Jackson inspired me to imagine and to create. The Thriller video is short film making at it's best. Each and every one of his music videos pushed storytelling and visual effects to a new, higher plane. More than that some of my greatest Saturday memories involve one Mr. Michael Jackson. He is an integral part of my childhood. I am not the greatest nor the best Michael Jackson fan but i most certainly will miss him.He rocked my world with his music and his dance and hopefully he will rock that of my future kids even if its just some MP3s and some videos.
Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them"
Michael was born great and in some ways had greatness thrust upon him. Greatness comes at a great price and Michael paid it over and over again. Hopefully he is at peace giving that whole heavenly choir a run for their money and teaching Jesus how to moonwalk on water. I'm not sure how I see the afterlife but for someone such as he I hope its got lots of music and candy.  I rarely pray so the statement my prayers are with him and his family are lies but my thoughts are certainly with them. Rest In Peace deserve it.

You rock my highway

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That's beautiful. Really and truly. Jesus walking on water. I really love it.

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