You rocked the world.
michael in the rain
Today is the day we honor the man who truly deserves the title "The Greatest". It is tragic and sad that a younger generation will never get to see a live performance of his even if it is on their TV screens. In my primary school one of our clapping games featured "Rockin Robin" quite heavily. Little did I know that the MJ of the Black or White video had been a part in creating the song. The Free Willy video played repeatedly on Saturdays on the local TV station and I would literally wail the words out in a poor imitation of Michael but a rather good one of the whale( i still remember 'singing" Hold Me out loud).Read moreCollapse )Read more...Collapse )
Michael was born great and in some ways had greatness thrust upon him. Greatness comes at a great price and Michael paid it over and over again. Hopefully he is at peace giving that whole heavenly choir a run for their money and teaching Jesus how to moonwalk on water. I'm not sure how I see the afterlife but for someone such as he I hope its got lots of music and candy.  I rarely pray so the statement my prayers are with him and his family are lies but my thoughts are certainly with them. Rest In Peace deserve it.

You rock my highway

I'm behind
michael in the rain
 I'm soooo behind on the daily posting thing- to  ok I exaggerate but its so much more FUN and dramatic. My days are boring enough as it is so its always good to sprinkle some hyperbole around. I sleep, eat and then come on this PC and waste some time. Now that i think of it I am living the life I wish I had when I was younger. Turrns out its not the worst thing in the world(that my friend is 1. politicians other than Barack Obama speaking and 2. my singing). I, who have always prided myself on being lazy(its a valuable trait...rarely) have found myself wanting some action (err take that as you will in both cases you are proba bly not wrong) . So here I am tap tapping away on my laptop craving some drama...and i mean fun drama  (no clue what i mean by fun drama come to think of it).  But I must say boredom trumps ennui any day! So me and my rubber duck sit and wait for something good to come on tv or it to start raining livestock (I choose not to discriminate against other animals). I'm sure I'll regretthis in like 2.5 seconds or rather a couple days but for now I'm so friggin bored.

Life is a boring blah highway with nothing but tumbleweeds and that's that

The dogs are howling at the sun I think?

So this is that know that thing...right? *sigh*
eric and pam, not amused
I am just a girl. A girl in this world trying to prove a friend wrong. I am not particularly great except for those moment where I let my bitch flag fly and come up with some pretty great put downs. I am no genius otherwise those grades would be just an umph better. I am addicted to like so many different fandoms its not funny. Turns out my relationship with livejournal began as a result. Sigh you see younger/older/no ones I  have been a silent/ stalkery follower of  a couple fanfic communities and after tonnes and tonnes of fanfic pages a couple years I grew what some refer to as a pair  or cojones and got myself an account. It still does not explain this...this whatever this *gesticulates at the words on page* is. For that we turn to a good if not short friend who bet me or rather made a statement that my competitve/stubborn side decided was a lie! It was more truth since the chances of me actually managing to post on a daily basis or even maintain a blog is such such a piece of crap pie. But I will crash and burn *insert Dido lyrics about going down on ships er i mean going down with ships*(both are pretty pervy if your mind is warped like mine is). I plan to execute and commit and try. As someone great and old and possibly dead said "All one can do is try".The use of the "one" makes it more sagely/pretentious you know what Ima saying. So to introduce whoever is out there who cares (population:1) to me here we go...Hopefully your seatbelt is on, barf bag  is clutched tightly, brain is on sleep mode.
Top 10 things I'm fond of(right now)
1. "..." They are the most lovely fascinating punctuation in the world. A full stop is blah in comparison to the majesty of the "..."

2. True Blood both the books and the show- more specifically PAM! Pam is acerbic, bitchy witty and spry! Ok I vaguely have an inkling of what spry means. The show itself is good  even if my love for the main characters is slowly but steadily evaporating like a pool of water in the Sahara. The highlight of the books for me is also Pam so I should probably just say I LOVE PAM as opposed to I love the show.

3. Dawn and by "Dawn" I mean actual dawn (the sun rising in the east). It's beautiful, peaceful and gorgeous. The stillness and the quiet gives me the illusion that I am part of a select  privileged few. I love looking as the sky goes from dark to light. The greyish hues are lovely and the sky, hills and mountains look all the more lovely for it. I could wax poetic about this forever.

4. Laptops- Desktops were my first love but laptops one me over...with their lap-toppiness or as average humans/lifehackers say "portability".

5. Fanfiction- I am in love with fanfic of numerous fandoms because they are so well written well most, sometimes they look like something I would conjure up(i.e BAD) Sometimes fanfic is a trillions times better than the show it's based on(looking at you The L Word esp. you Chaiken)

6. Late night shows-Chelsea Lately Colbert and Stewart have weasled there ways into my heart and I doubt shall ever let go. The dry witty humour is to die for. Colbert and Stweart manage to make me love Politics all that much more

7. Discovery travel and Living- I feel these heavy pangs of envy when considering just how badly I wish I was where those people are.  I love to travel and because I can't just yet I live vicariously through the people
8. Uncooked pasta- i am addicted to it for some strange reason. I literally am going through packs of pasta namely spaghetti. I am a chain spaghetti cruncher, crunching as we speak.

9.  My tattoo- its deserves more than just a mention on this list partly because it means so much to me. It was probably one of the most painful experiences of my life but the end product(still peeling) is something i treasure and can see myself treasuring for ever which is a pretty good thing!

10. Sims 3- I love the houses. I love love love building houses in certain styles and getting the interior decor just right. i am obsessed with building better houses...houses with themes just because I now can.

Life is a highway...and that's that


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